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  • Keep Your Yoni Hot (Hot Pu**y)

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, coldness damages our yang energy. Yin is cold and Yang is heat, in order for us to accumulate regular periods and regular ovulation, our wombs need to be warm. ⁣
  • Yoni Care during COVID-19

    The Yoni Lady is thinking of your YONI & So is your boo 🥰 So DONT stress Yoni Spa Room got you, Sis!

    As we continue to practice #socialdistancing, I wanted to create a checklist of items to stock up on to optimize reproductive and menstrual health while at home. ⁣

    For those trying for pregnancy: 🤰 ⁣
    1.) Prenatal vitamins, Fertility Yoni Steam, Redrasberry leaf Tea… if you are NOT…