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Yoni Care during COVID-19

The Yoni Lady is thinking of your YONI & So is your boo 🥰 So DONT stress Yoni Spa Room got you, Sis!
As we continue to practice #socialdistancing, I wanted to create a checklist of items to stock up on to optimize reproductive and menstrual health while at home. ⁣

For those trying for pregnancy: 🤰 ⁣
1.) Prenatal vitamins, Fertility Yoni Steam, Redrasberry leaf Tea
Start taking these now. While fertility treatments (such as egg retrievals and IVF) have been halted, there is no recommendation that you should delay trying to conceive. ⁣
2.) Ovulation kits/Menstrual trackers, FLO app
These can be helpful for timing of intercourse. ⁣
3.)Check Your Diet sis go get those 🥬 🍉 🍑 🍅
While prenatal vitamins provide supplemental nutrients and minerals, a diet balanced with fruits and vegetables is still key.⁣
4.) Pregnancy Test(s).⁣
Stock up on tests at home, so you can know when you’ve succeeded. Once a pregnancy test is positive, document the date of the positive test as well as your last menstrual period. These will help with establishing your pregnancy due date once you are able to be seen for your first prenatal visit. ⁣

For those preventing pregnancy:⁣
1.) I only encourage a Natural Birth control, Papayas, Neem, Ginger, Rue herb: This is a well-known contraceptive herb that can be used as a potent contraceptive tea.
2.) Condoms/Dental dams.⁣
Because barrier methods are still necessary to prevent STI transmission⁣
3.) Plan B.⁣
Because even with our best efforts, contraception can fail. Plan B can be purchased ahead of time and should be taken within 72hrs of failed contraception use. ⁣
4.) Menstrual tracker.⁣
Because it’s always important to know when your last period was, especially when engaging in sexual activity.⁣

For those managing periods:⁣
1.) Menstrual products.⁣ Yoni Steams
Pads or Tampons. They are reusable so they last longer. ⁣
2.) NSAIDs
Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil) help relieve menstrual cramps more effectively than medications like tylenol. For some women, they also decrease menstrual flow.⁣
3.) Heating pad.⁣
This can also help relieve menstrual cramps, especially if you cannot take NSAIDs for any reason (bleeding disorder, kidney disease, etc) ⁣
4.) Menstrual tracker.⁣
Because it’s always important to track the pattern of your cycles.⁣

Comment below if you can think of any other organic/natural must-have items.
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sending love and light to my virtual mentor the #PeriodDr